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Hollick Estates recognises that its business has an impact on the environment.

As such, Hollick is committed to ensuring that we continually measure and evaluate our current practices and adopt the best policies to minimise our carbon footprint wherever possible. Hollick is signed up to the Wine Industry Sector Agreement for Carbon Emissions Calculation and Reductions, and has worked with EBS Climate to provide a picture of our current Carbon Emissions and recommend ways to reduces these.

Examples of this practise include:

  • Reduction in waste & energy
  • Minimisation of water use both in the winery and for irrigation - includes water harvesting from winery buildings and drip irrigation use.
  • Installation of energy efficient light bulbs
  • Involvement of staff in environmental and sustainable practices
  • Recycling programs including glass, plastics, paper & cardboard, cooking oil, corks
  • Working with suppliers that practice environmental responsibility
  • Disposing of chemicals and raw materials responsibly
  • Trial organic viticulture principles and planting of companion crops in vineyard row centres.