Unique Wines & Discontinued Wines

The Hollick Wines team pride themselves in their innovative culture and as such, continue to challenge the status-quo. Over the years our product range has been amended to remain relevant for our core customers. We will continue to trial different varieties and from time to time will create exclusive releases for our loyal cellar door and mail order customers. Below are some products that are not currently in production, some were core products that the fruit is now being utilised elsewhere, others are trial blends that were created to determine what characteristics our specific vineyard sites were giving to the varieties.


Hollick Wines released their first Rielsing in 1983.  Made from 100% Riesling grown on the Hollick Coonawarra vineyards, this wine reflects the typically cool Coonawarra growing seasons which allow full flavour development before picking. It was first produced in 1983

The Hollick Riesling is a crisp and refreshing dry white wine. It displays lemon-lime aromas and flavours and is an ideal summer drink.

It may be consumed early, but will develop rich and complex varietal characters as it ages. If desired, it may be cellared for 6 to 8 years. Perfect as an aperitif, it also complements sea-food dishes.

Tasting Notes

icon 2004 (34.53 kB)
icon 2003 (34.29 kB)
icon 2002 (310.45 kB)
icon 2001 (83.26 kB)
icon 2000 (94.49 kB)
icon 1999 (95.06 kB)
icon 1998 (25.81 kB)


Friazzante (pronounced Frizz-on-tay) is fun! We've borrowed the racy Italian term that refers to slightly sparkling wines. The Hollick Frizzante is a vibrant, slightly sparkling, aromatic white wine. The sherbet-like fizz on the tongue can't help but make you smile!

This wine was handcrafted from premium fruit grown on the Hollick family's Wilgha vineyard, at the southern end of Coonawarra. Enjoy it now, on it's own, on a sunny day, or with a range of fresh seafood appetisers.

Tasting Notes

icon 2007 (48.38 kB)

icon 2008 (479.7 kB)

icon 2010 (73.77 kB)


Chardonnay (un-oaked)

This wine is made in a style which ensures the retention of clean, fresh Chardonnay fruit flavours. Produced from grapes grown on the Hollick 'Wilgha' Vineyard in Coonawarra, it shows lifted melon fruit characters on the nose and palate, with a crisp acid finish.

It is a refreshing alternative to oak-matured versions of wines made from this grape variety. A wine made in this fashion can be consumed either as an aperitif, or matched readily with seafood and white meat dishes.

This wine was previously known as our Wilgha Vineyard Unoaked Chardonnay.

Tasting Notes

icon 2005 (29.02 kB)
icon 2004 (38.22 kB)
icon 2003 (38.98 kB)
icon 2002 (234.88 kB)
icon 2001 (83.16 kB)
icon 1999 (94.44 kB)
icon 1998 (25.82 kB)
icon 1997 (25.84 kB)

NV Pinot Noir/Chardonnay Brut

This limited release wine is a blend of 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay, grown on the Hollick Coonawarra vineyards.

Grapes used are pressed as whole bunches to extract only the best quality juice, which is then clarified and fermented to become the base wine. After secondary fermentation, the wine spends at least three years on yeast lees in the bottle, before final disgorgement and packaging.

Light straw in colour early in its life, it will develop golden hues with age. The flavours also develop from youthful fruit characters into a toasty, complex, sparkling wine.

Further bottle age is recommended and the wine should be served chilled at the beginning or end of a meal.

Other Tasting Notes

icon Petit Verdot 2002 (84.74 kB)
icon Cabernet Franc 2002 (86.59 kB)